Magazine cover featuring me!


Assignment. Create a magazine cover featuring me with three to five stories that are about my life.

Video of Finished Project.

Thought Process. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted my magazine to be about.  We are building a house right now, so I originally thought that I would do some kind of Better Homes and Garden magazine. I went to a friend’s house and took some pictures, but once I got home and uploaded them, I realized that my camera was on the wrong setting and all my pictures were not a high enough resolution to put on my magazine cover. I thought and thought and thought some more and remembered some pictures that were taken of me rock climbing a couple of years ago. I hoped and prayed that I could find them and that they would be good for my magazine cover and they were!

The topics that I chose for my stories revolved around rock climbing, which would make sense for Climber’s magazine, and also are things that interest me. My main article is Local favorites, 10 great climbs in Utah because I live in Utah.  Then I have an article with the title of how to plan, pack, and afford the biggest trip of your life because I like to travel.  Next, I have an eye-catching title that reads Eat. Climb. Eat. 15 recipes for all day power because I enjoy cooking. After that an article says climbing is the perfect activity for your kids because I have seven children and they are a major portion of my life. Finally I have an article that reads why friends are essential for a good climb because its always nice to have fun with friends.

After I chose my image, magazine, and article topics the process went smooth. I first sketched out my possible designs on a piece of paper. Once I settled on the design that would work best with the photo that I chose, I created a template in Adobe Illustrator. I put my image in Photoshop to brighten it up a bit. From there I used my template and added in my image and my article titles on the page.  Finally, I played around with fonts for the project.  I knew I needed one serif and one san serif typeface.  Climber magazine uses a serif typeface for their title and I matched it as closely as possible. I ended up using Stempel Garamond Bold. I then found a san serif typeface, Neue Haas Grotesk, that looked good with the Garamond typeface.

Thumbnails of Sketch and Illustrator Template.

magazinetemplate  dsc_0587

Critique Process. After I finished with my magazine cover I asked my husband what he thought about it.  He pointed out that I need to add one more article title because there was too much blank space. I came up with an additional article and added that in. Next, I posted my magazine cover on the class Facebook group and Brother Stucki gave me feedback.  He mentioned that I needed to use my Serif typeface more because I had only used in on the title of the magazine.  He also suggested that I change the color of my article titles.  I had used yellow, but there was no yellow in the picture of me that was on the magazine cover. He told me to use the eyedropper tool and capture a color that was already in the photo.  I did have to add a text box to make the type stand out in one of the article titles.  After I made these changes I again asked my husband of his opinions.  He said that he liked it and wouldn’t change anything.

Message. I wanted to create a magazine cover that was about me and the things that I love. I hope that people with better understand who I am when looking at this assignment.

Audience. I think that people who are interested in knowing more about me, those who want to know more about design, and those who like rock climbing will like to look at this magazine.

What I Learned. I learned that the layout of magazine covers are more complicated that I thought.  It was hard to come up with article titles that seemed interesting and would grab the reader’s attention and also fit into the limited amount of space that you have on the front of a magazine.  I also learned that it is best to coordinate the colors from your picture with the article titles.

Color Scheme. I used complementary colors of green and maroon with gray.

Title Font and Category. I used Stempel Garamond LT Std Bold which is a serif typeface.

Body Copy and Category. I used Neue Haas Grotesk Display Medium which is a sans serif typeface.  I mixed this with the Garamond Typeface in the article titles to add visual interest.

Thumbnail of Original, Unedited Image.


Source of Image. The picture that I used was a picture of me taken by my family.


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  1. First of all, I LOVE your title, “Fun To Design” and the fonts you chose, that is just awesome! Secondly, your magazine cover is fantastic too, I love the contrast, and the energy that it presents with the sharp angle, and the intensity of the climb. I think that given the background, your font and color choices are really good! So with that, welcome to Comm130, and I look forward to learning more about you. Here’s another student’s blog who I was very impressed with, and I hope you get some good ideas from him too.

    Talk to you soon,



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