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Description. I was asked to take a new picture and then use my Photoshop skills to add text, design elements, and a consistent color theme.

Process. I enjoy monochromatic color schemes and the color blue, so I knew I wanted to do something fun with that color theme.  I found this neat quote that says, “a book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair” by Katrina Mayer. So, armed with my library card I went to the library to look for books that I liked.  I sketched out a couple of ideas of how I would take a photograph of the books, but I was still not how my exact layout would be. I searched for neat looking books in blue. Did you know that it is hard to find books at the library that fit that description? All of the books have a dust jacket, so you don’t have that old time book look.  Anyway, I looked through the kids books and found the Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud and thought it had potential. I checked out all I could. I then went home and set up some pictures. This picture came fun and and fit the quote perfectly!

Next, I put my picture in Photoshop to edit. I edited the picture using levels, vibrance/saturation,  selective color, and sharpness.  Then I flattened the layers and transferred the image into an 8.5×11 size. I added a border all the way around my photo with a bigger rectangle at the bottom to add my quote. The text was the hardest part for me. Trying to get everything lined up and looking nice was a bit tricky for this novice in Photoshop. I’m sure that one day I will look back at this and laugh, but that night I was not laughing. I finally got everything done and submitted it to Brother Stucki for a critique.

Critique. Brother Stucki told me to make all of the borders the same size. I had centered the text and he told me to play around with the text and to offset it a little to not make it center. I played around with the text and tried many different ways with the text to place differently. I finally figured out a way that the text could look good. I followed the line created in the photo with the edge of the book and my daughter’s foot one side of the picture and I aligned the text with that. I had my husband, Joe, look at it and he liked it the best out of all of the versions I created, except the totally centered text.  I have to say that I also like the centered text, but I wanted to follow Brother Stucki’s advice and try something new.  I am not super good at this, so the teacher might not like it either. I am excited to see his review of my final project.

Message. Everyone should read books because they let us experience things that we could not experience otherwise.

Audience. My poster would appeal to book lovers, businesses promoting books, families, fans of the book the Bear’s Song.

Top Things Learned. How to use Photoshop. I never understood Photoshop before this assignment. I couldn’t ever figure out how to undo my mistakes. It took me a lot of trial and error and I still have a long way to go, but I finally figure it out!

Color Scheme and Names. I used the color scheme of monochromatic blue. My color’s hex color codes are dark blue (#05S27E), medium blue (#0D70A4), and light blue (#22A9DC).

Highlighted Font Name and Category. Baskerville MT Pro Semibold which is a serif typeface.

Copy Font Name and Category. Legacy Sans ITC Pro Book, which is a sans serif typeface.

Information on Image Used. I took this picture on January 30, 2017 in my living room.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used in the Project.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post and learning about the process you follow to complete your project. I think you did great on your design, as it was clever with the little child and the huge book, as well as the message that conveys. I learned about photography from reading your blog.
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