Montage Project


Description. I was asked to create a montage poster with two or more pictures and a quote. The poster needs to have a spiritual theme.

Process. This projects was super hard for me. I had designers block. I could not hunk of anything that I wanted to do. I couldn’t find a quote and then when I did, I couldn’t find pictures to match the vision I had in my head. It took me a long time to finally find a quote that I wanted to use. After much searching I found a quote by President Thomas S. Monson that I short and sweet. It said, “be found doing the work of the Lord.” That’s what life is all about, right? To learn to be like our Savior? The work of the Lord can be done everywhere, on the street, in our homes, in the temple. I found a picture of the Payson, Utah temple and a picture of the Savior on and then I started to create my montage. I adjusted both images in Photoshop. I tried to use the rule of thirds in my design. I also, after much trial and error, found two fonts that I liked together. I spent the most time trying to get the text right. The best way I could lay it out was centered. I know that is not the preferred method, but the ascenders and descenders kept getting in the way when I left aligned or right aligned my text. To finish it off, I chose a green from the trees using the eyedropper tool.

Critique Process. I posted my montage to the class Facebook page. Brother Stucki suggested that I make Christ smaller. He said the text was his favorite part, but he told me to play around with overlays on the text. He also said he might would raise the text just a bit. After I made Christ smaller, the temple and the text were both on the same side of the montage making it look too “heavy” on the right side. I emailed Helaman Higley and he gave me the advice of moving my text on the other side of the picture or to make Christ bigger. Haha, that made me laugh because I just made Christ smaller working on Brother Stucki’s advice. Anyway, I moved the text over, ,played around with it for a long time and settled on the design I have now. On Wednesday after I had made my changes and had it almost ready to turn in, I asked my husband, Joe, what he thought about it. He gave me the thumbs up, so I turned it in.

Message. My message is a call to action to always be found doing the work of the Lord.

Audience. This montage is for anyone who knows and loves the Savior.

Top Things Learned. The most important thing I learned this week is to not overthink things. I could not think of a quote and how I would want to do my montage because I was way overthinking this project. Once I found this simple quote everything came together nicely.

Color Scheme and Color Name. I would think that my color scheme would be classified under earth tones. The color names are green, blue, cream.

Title Font Name and Category.  I used Legacy Sans ITC Pro, book italic which is a sans serif typeface.

Body Copy Name and Category.  I used Stempel Garamond LT Std, bold italic, which is a serif typeface.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used.

.payson-temple-evening-1367564-print pictures-of-jesus-1138494-print

Source of Each Image.  I found both of these images on If you click on the pictures of the temple and Christ above, it will take you to the original source.


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