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Note. My business cards above would not normally have the stroke around them, but I did this so you could see them on the white background of my blog.

Description. I was asked to create three logos for a company. Then, I was to receive feedback from at least 10 people on the logos that I created. Next, I needed to choose the best logo and refine it, if needed. Lastly, I was asked to make a business card and matching letterhead for the company using the logo that I created.

Process. We are extensively remodeling our house. The contractor we are using is Ed Teeples and his company is called Teeples Custom Homes. I chose this company for my project because their logo is just their name in the Steeple Garamond font in a red color. I wanted to make them a logo to go along with their company. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I grabbed a piece of paper and marker and started sketching. The first couple of things that I tried did not work, but I kept on sketching and came up with a way to use their company initials TCH to form a house. I chose a color similar to what Teeples Custom Homes logo is now. I thought it reminded me of a nice, classic brick color.

Original  and Final Logos.

logos-01  finallogoteeples-01

Critique Process. I posted my logo options on my personal Facebook page and got good feedback. I had great response and they told me what they thought and held nothing back. I learned a lot from this critique. I also put my logo option on the class Facebook page and got some feedback there as well. Finally Brother Stuck gave me feedback and some good direction to go for my final design.

Message. The message that I am trying to get across is that Teeples Custom Homes is a builder based in Orem, Utah.

Audience. Anyone looking for a contractor.

Top Things Learned. The top thing I learned this week was that everyone has their own opinion. I knew this beforehand, but it has a different feel when it is something that I have designed. I liked all of my logo options so it didn’t matter to me which one I used, but I was surprised by the varying results that I got. In the end I had to choose one, so in a sense I would have to displease someone. I’m just saying that because before I just looked at a logo as a logo. There are definitely some logos that I like better than others, but my first choice pick for a logo may not be the top pick of the person next to me. I went with the logo that most people liked, but the experience taught me that feedback is a good thing because what I think is not always what the majority of people think.

Color Schemes and Color Names. I went with a monochromatic color scheme using red (#84211B) and white (#FFFFFF).

Titles Font Name and Category. I used Egyptian Slate Std Bold which is a serif typeface.

Body Copy Font Name and Category. I used Egyptian Slate Std Regular.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images. None were used.

Source of Each Image. I created the logo myself in Adobe Illustrator.



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  1. Sarah, great job on your project this week! I love how simple the logo is, yet how well it represents the company – using the initials of the company name to build the house. I also really like the unconventional yet AWESOME way you did the business cards – the fact that it is portrait instead of landscape as well as the vertical bars that make up the background for the contact info.

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