Emperor Penguin


Description. Pick a trending topic and then make an infographic that is well laid out and pleasing to the eye. Then we will post  the infographic on Pinterest and my blog.

Process. Penguins have been really popular lately and my kids can’t get enough of them, so I decided to do my infographic on the Emperor penguin. I started out by studying about the Emperor penguin. I found some good information on coolantarctica.com. Next, I put together some facts that I wanted to use on my infographic. I sketched out a couple of designs of how I thought I would place the information and the vectors that I needed to create. Now the fun part began. I started to sketch the penguins in Illustrator. I made a bar graph of how tall penguins are and used the vectors of the penguins instead of the bars on the graph. I put all of my information together and then made my first draft of the  infographic.

Critique Process. I posted my rough draft on the class Facebook page and got some good feedback. Brother Stucki suggested that I use less text. I took this into consideration and figured out a way that I could include more vectors and less text. Ronnie Stanley suggested that I put “feet” on my chart in a more prominent place, so people would be able to see it better. Marci Grimaud also told me to reduce the text on my infographic and gave me some suggestions. I changed my infographic quite a bit to make the changes that I needed to include less text.

Message. This infographic teaches people about the Emperor Penguin.

Audience. Penguin lovers everywhere, especially my kids! Also, anyone who would like to learn more about Emperor penguins.

Top Thing Learned. I’m still not the best, but I learned how to better use Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool.

Color Scheme and Color Names. I used complementary colors including blue, orange, with other neutral colors, like white, black, and tan.

Title Font Name and Category. Bembo Book MT Pro regular, serif.

Copy Font Name and Category. Neue Haas Grotesk Display 55 Roman, sans serif.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used in the Project. None

Source of Each Image. None


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