HTML and CSS Coding Project


Description. Create a webpage using the HTML and CSS that I know, which includes a logo that I created and my thought process of how and why I created it.

Process. I created my logo and the thought process and description can be found on the business identity post on my blog. I did resize my image in Illustrator, so the biggest side was 300 pixels. I then downloaded the HTML and CSS files from BYUI. I made a folder on my desktop to contain everything I needed for this project. This folder included the HTML document, the CSS document, and the jpg of my logo. I opened the HTML document in Text Wrangler and got to work. I included a many HTML tags including head, body, title, h1, h2,  p, ul, and br. I also included a link to my blog. I then moved to the CSS document. First I inserted the code to link the CSS page to the HTML page. Then, I changed the colors of the type and backgrounds, the typefaces, and I added a comment on the page.

Critique Process. I did not get much critique this week because we did not submit this project to Facebook for my peers or my teacher to review. I did ask my family what they thought and they gave me some feedback. I used to have some of the type in the red color, but they advised me to change it to black because there was too much red on the page.

Message. Teeples Custom Homes is a great company and now it has a great logo!

Audience. People looking for a custom home builder in Utah.

Top Things Learned. I have done HTML and CSS coding before. I am not super good at it, but I really don’t mind doing simple web pages. It is kind of fun to see what you can do to put a webpage together.

Color Schemes and Color Names. My color scheme is monochromatic and my color is red.

Title Font Name and Category. This is my list in my CSS page: Egyptian Slate Std, Baskerville, Garamond, serif.

Body Copy Name and Category. This is my list in my CSS page: Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Calibri, sans-serif.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used in this Project. None

Source of Each Image. None



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