Design a Brochure

Description. I was asked to design a brochure. I was also to design the logo to go along with the company.

Process. The hardest part of this brochure for me was coming up with an idea and a company. I knew I wanted to make a brochure with a unique shape. My daughter has been making a lot of cookies lately and the idea for Crazy About Cookies was born. I knew that I could make my idea the shape of a cookie now I just needed some cookies that I could take pictures of. I went to various stores around Orem, Utah and bought cookies to photograph. I took the pictures, and enhanced them in Photoshop. I also cut the cookies out in Photoshop. I then transferred the cookies to my brochure in Indesign. Next, it was time to make a logo. I opened up Illustrator and began to design. I knew I wanted to write the word cookie and make them look like cookies, but I didn’t know how I was going to incorporate the name together. Then the idea of putting it on a cookie sheet came to mind. In the end I think it came out great. I then transferred my logo into Indesign. Now it was time to design the brochure with my pictures, logo, and required 250 words. I put on my cookies and then wrote the story behind Crazy About Cookies section of the brochure. I made the text wrap around the cookies. I left the front of the brochure with just the front of a sugar cookie. I put my logo on the back along with the fictional address of the cookies store and social media icons. Everything came together great.

Critique Process. My husband gave me some very good help and encouragement  along the way. He helped me to place my cookies in a good place on the brochure. Brother Stucki suggested that I put social media icons on the first critique. Sarah Pence Sharp suggested that I move the cookies in a more organized manner, which I did. She also said that my brochure was a little text heavy on the right side of my brochure, but I couldn’t do too much about that because of the required 250 words for the assignment. I do think that I incorporated the words in a tasteful manner. On the second critique, Brother Stucki suggested that I change the font color from black. He suggested a brown, but I didn’t think it looked good with the marble countertop background on the inside of the brochure, so I changed it to a gray color. It did make it look a lot better. He also suggested that I use some tracking and kerning, which I did apply to my final brochure.

Word Count. I have 272 words in my body copy.

Message. The cookies at Crazy About Cookies are tempting to look at and delicious to eat!

Audience. Anyone who loves cookies!

Top Things Learned. I have worked in Indesign before in a couple of classes, but they have always provided the Indesign document and I just had to fill out the information. I’m sure that I still have a long way to go, but I did learn how to do many things in Indesign, like setting up a document and using paragraph styles. I also learned that sometimes it takes some time, patience, and couple of tries to get my brochure to come out like I expected.

Color Scheme and Color Names. I used cookies, so my color has a lot of browns and creams, although my front cookie is frosted in pink. On my logo I used a neutral color palette.

Title Font Name and Category. I used Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro, which is a sans serif typeface.

Copy Font Name and Category. I used Stempel Garamond LT Standard, which is a serif typeface.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used in Project.


Sources of Each Image. The cookie images are from photographs that I took. Click on the social media icon picture and the marble countertop picture above to be taken to where I got the images.

Video of my Brochure.




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