Description. I was asked to design a portfolio and include at least 8 projects that I have created this semester.

Process. I had a fun time putting together my portfolio. I started out looking for a textured background. After much trial and error, I finally found a picture that had a high enough quality. After I found my background, I started to work on my logo. I wanted something simple, with nice tones that would match my textured background that I chose. I created my logo in Illustrator. Next I opened up Indesign and created my portfolio document. I put my background on the master pages and then made a document on one side of my master page to get the form that I needed for my design pages. Next, I worked on my contact page, which was fairly straightforward and simple. Then I made my table of contents page. I wanted something that was different, so I made a visual table of contents.

Project Corrections. I fixed a couple of kerning and tracking problems on my Infographic projects. This took me 15 minutes. Next, I fixed the Savior on my montage project. I had to make him a little bigger because I originally left a tree behind Him that was awkward. I also originally put a layer on the picture because it said we needed on on the instructions for the assignment, but when I turned it in Brother Stucki did not like it and so I removed it. This took me 30 minutes to fix. Then, I fixed my web page mockup. Brother Stucki said that there was too much red and I should remove it from the background because it would make it easier on the eyes. I did this, but had to change my color of my type in the process. This correction took me 30 minutes. Finally, I fixed a couple of problems with my Prezi presentation. I couldn’t remember how to use Prezi, so it took me longer than normal to fix. I fixed the color of my type and tried to fix some pictures, but I originally put them together in Illustrator and after too much wasted time, I decided not to change them. I spent 30 minutes playing around and changing things on this project.

Critique Process. Brother Stucki critiqued my sample pages and told me to line up my boxes on the visual table of contents. He also told me to fix a couple of lines my text because the spacing was off.

Message. I designed some pretty cool stuff and it is pretty to look at.

Audience. Anyone who loves design and potential employers.

Top Things Learned. I have learned to do more things in Indesign. I always get overwhelmed when working on these projects because I always feel like I am starting from scratch, but when I sit down and work on my projects, I am always able to get them done. I just need to relax and work and take it one step at a time.

Color Scheme and Color Names. I used a natural and relaxing color palette.

Title Font Name and Category. I used Legacy Sans ITC Pro Bold, which is a sans serif typeface.

Copy Font Name and Category. I used Bembo Book MT Pro, which is a serif typeface.

Thumbnails of Any Original, Unedited Images Used in Project.

Sources of Each Image. Click on the background image above to be taken to the source.