Prezi: Sewing With Kids


Link to Prezi. It takes a while to load. I think I my background picture is too large. Be patient because it will eventually load.

Assignment. Create a Prezi Presentation of an informational slide show about something that is interesting to me.

Thought Process. I had never heard of Prezi before this assignment, so I had a big learning curve.  I watched the tutorials and got a feel for what I was about to do, but there is so much that must be learned by doing.  It was hard at first, but once I understood I played around for a while, I finally got the hang of it. Now I had to figure out what I was going to do my presentation on.  I really like to sew and always want to teach my kids to sew too. I did a tutorial once on making hand warmers. I figured this would be a good opportunity to put my tutorial together.

Once I found all of my pictures on my computer I put together a sketch of what I wanted my Prezi to look like.  I was not sure what I would do for the background, so I put that on the back burner for a while.  My layout was pretty detailed because I already had my pictures.  I tried to find a format that would work to display the tutorial so I split the photos up into categories like gathering materials, preparing the fabric, sewing the hand warmers, and how to enjoy them. I knew a needed a good background and finally thought that a sewing machine would look good. I looked at a couple of pictures of sewing machines and decided to try to create one in Adobe Illustrator.  I chose a very basic shape and it turned out to be pretty simple.  I also created a textured background in Illustrator to go along with the sewing machine.

Next, it was all about Prezi. I went and put all of my information together. After much wrestling with the software, I finally go a decent presentation. I originally had some white circles on the sewing machine because Prezi has circles and I thought it would look cool to put my information in the circles of the sewing machine.  Because I was not able to line the circles in my sewing machine with  the circles in my presentation, I got advice to delete them. This basically meant I had to start over from scratch, but I didn’t mind too much because it gave me more practice time with Prezi and I got a way better presentation than I had originally.

Thumbnail of sketch.


Critique. After finishing my project, I submitted it to Brother Stucki to critique.  For some reason it did not go through, but I sent him another link and he did critique my project.  He told me to delete the circle frames that Prezi defaults to and to make my typefaces more consistent. He also pointed out a typo that I had. I also scheduled a tutoring session to get more feedback. I talked with Helaman Higley.  He gave me great advice to take the circles out of my sewing machine and to make sure that my headlines did not run off the page and create tangents. He also reiterated what Brother Stucki said to keep my typefaces more consistent in size and color.

Message. I wanted to create this presentation to help parents find an easy project that they can sew with their kids. The hardest part for me teaching my kids to sew is to create fun projects that my kids and use and be excited about.

Audience. The people who would be interested in this presentation would be parents trying to find fun projects for their kids to sew. It would also appeal to anyone who is learning to sew and need an beginner project.

What I Learned. I learned a lot about how to use Prezi. More importantly, I learned how to design a slideshow. I learned that I need to use mainly pictures on my slides with very little wording. I also learned that my design needed to look original and fun to draw the attention of the viewer.

Color Scheme. I used the color scheme of black, white and green.

Title Font and Name. I used the typeface Source Sans Pro which is a san serif font for my titles.

Body Copy and Name. I used the typeface Centaur MT Pro Bold which is a serif font for the body copy.

Thumbnails of original, unedited images.


Source of Images.  All of the images used in this presentation were mine.


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